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Mod Title Version Description Author Location
ACP Add User MOD 1.0.1  Enables an Administrator to create a new user account through the Administration Control Panel. Adds an extra permission to allow administrator to create a new user account. Gives the administrator the ability to instantly approve a new member after creation. Highway of Life   
ACP Announcement Centre 1.0.3 a Adds an Announcement Box to the Index Page. Features: - Enable/Disable Announcement - (Guest) Announcement Preview - BBCode/Smilie enabled Announcements - Possibility to show different Announcements to Guest users - Possibility to show birthdays as announcements (display of avatars possible) - Option to show Announcements to Guests only, group(s) only or everyone - (Guest) Announcement Title configurable - Option to show pages on all pages or on index page only lefty74   
AJAX Chat 0.8.3  AJAX Chat is a free and fully customizable open source web chat software implemented in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Sound support is implemented using Flash, Socket support using Flash on client-side and Ruby on server-side. This is the phpBB3 integration version. Sebastian Tschan   
AJAX User Registration Checks 0.1.3  During user registration, this MOD makes a number of checks to see if it can find errors with the information given by the user. These checks are; * Checks if the username is available or whether it has already been taken. * Checks that the two passwords entered are the identical (if both have been entered). * Checks if the first email address is in the correct format. If it is then it does the next check: * Checks that the two email addresses entered are the same (if both have been entered). andy2295   
AJAX Userinfo 0.1.0  Shows a small popup with the avatar and infos about the user by mouseover on a username with link to profile. Rewritten for Portal XL use by DaMysterious. tas2580   
Ajax ShoutBox 1.2 RC1  This mod adds a fully configurable shoutbox to your forum index. Paul   
Animate Digits IP Tracking Counter 0.4.0  This MOD adds a digits visit counter for your phpBB with following features: + Enable/Disable IP Tracking (with IP tracking, we have "IP Visit Counter", with no IP tracking, we have "Hits Visit Counter" :p). + Set number of digits for counter (from 1 to maximize). + Reset counter (started date time & hits value) from ACP. + Animate effect from counter images when reload (if you select display as images in counter display mode from ACP). + Custom display mode of counter: No display/Display as images/Display as text + Enable/Disable display counter statistics. + With some other settings in ACP... nedka   
Anti Bot Question 1.1.0  Add an Admin controlled anti-bot question to the registration page and ACP. CoC   
Auto Groups MOD 1.0.1  Gives administrators options to place users in groups based on post count, membership days, and warning points. A_Jelly_Doughnut   
Automatic DST 1.0.6  Allows users to choose Daylight Savings Time (DST) automatically instead of having to set it twice a year. The basis for this adjustment are the web server's time settings. Also, DST adjustments are now determined for each date instead of just being globally applied. Visitors will be affected by the setup of the guest account. Newly registering users will inherit the "Automatic" option should they live in the board's native time zone. MartectX